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Steve McNicholas
11.8. 1955


Steve McNicholas, co-director of the IMAX film Wild Ocean,has worked as an actor, singer, musician, and writer with various theatrical and musical groups, starting out with the Bradford Theatre Group in 1973. Through the eighties he worked with Cliff Hanger, Covent Garden Community Theatre and Pookiesnackenburger. Despite also being an original member of the accapella group, the "Flying Pickets" and a final appearance in Mr Bean, Steve no longer performs. He shares directorial credits with Luke Cresswell on Stomp-based films and commercials and their new show, the Lost and Found Orchestra. With Luke, he composed the soundtrack to the Showtime movie,Riot, and shares the Oscar and Emmy nominations for his work on Brooms and Stomp Out Loud and co-directed the award winning giant-screen film, Pulse: a Stomp Odyssey.

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